“SUBTERRALIEN” by Andy Linderkamp & Gregory Gisbert featuring Barret Dodds & Michael Lensen


Andy Linderkamp, Barrett Dodds, Gregory Gisbert, & Michael Lensen

August 5th – August 28th

It has often been said that there has been no original art since the cave paintings. Imagine the very first artwork. Imagine that incredible abstraction. There is a thing… these lines I have scribed in the dirt remind me of… look like…are a… a… picture…of that thing. The first music? These sounds…this rhythm is… beating within me… this sound makes me feel… makes me move…. Who first put pigment to stone to let others see what he saw? A Genius unparalleled? Or just an Everyman? Were images of animals committed to the walls of sacred spaces merely to invite a successful hunt, or is art innate in the human soul? Is art born of hunger, or is it perhaps born of the satisfaction of hunger? Did ancient man’s love of beauty rival any modern artist or musician? What muse might have planted this Need in the human heart to record, imagine, and tell the tale, communicate all the Feels through sound and image.

The music of Greg Gisbert and Michael Lenssen will transport you into the ancient past, deep underground. Artist, film maker and puppeteer Andy Linderkamp will use techniques from building sets for film and television to complete the journey to examine the moment perhaps art and music were born. Who else might have travelled to witness such a moment beside you? Visitors from the ancient past and the distant future converge to examine the moment humans truly become creators. Still a pretty original endeavor to this day…if you ask me.


Greg and Andy met in kindergarten. They would later discover they were both born within 2 and a half hours of each other. They attended the same elementary, junior high, and high school, where they both shared a deep love of music, especially jazz. They played together in numerous bands and orchestras. Late in high school Andy would discover puppetry and theatre. After high school Andy would become involved in Cable Access television eventually producing his own show featuring his puppetry and early set work. Andy auditioned for the Muppets in 1985… unsuccessfully…so he came home and got a day job building freestanding curved wooden staircases and handrail systems. He did this for 18 years, but continued to sculpt in stone and wire. In 2001 Andy became involved in the Flicks on 66 Film Festival where participants would shoot and edit a short film in 7 days (It would later evolve into the 48hr Film Project). This led to paid work building staircases for the feature 3:10 to Yuma. He never went back to the day job. Andy continues to build sets for film and television, often sculpting sets out of foam as we see here in SubterrAlien. You can see his work in Breaking Bad (including the Superlab spiral stair) and Better Call Saul ( including Lalo’s escape tunnel and Saul and Mike’s Bagman campsite) amongst others. Andy’s involvement with music continues. 8 years ago he travelled to Hawaii to learn to build ukuleles. Andy is 2.5% Neanderthal.


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Public hours:

Thursdays through Sundays, 12:00pm – 6:00pm, August 5th – August 28th

Opening Celebration August 12th, 6:00pm  – 9:00pm

Understudy is free-to-visit and open to all. We are located at the Colorado Convention Center / Theatre District light rail stop near 14th and Stout. Look for the Shantell Martin art bench.