Understudy Art Claw

What is this Art Claw Machine?

As a new way to support creatives and offer a unique opportunity to acquire art, Understudy is developing multiple arcade games in conjunction with local artists. This machine was painted by Raymundo Munoz and features prizes from Raymundo, Andi Todaro, Alexandria Jimenez, Kyle Singer, and multiple Access Gallery artists (AJ, Alejandro, Adam, Brittany, Jose, Lorne, & Nicole). Each prize is tagged with artist info so people will know what they win.

You can play the “Art Claw” at the IRL Art Gallery Popup at the Dairy Block every Wednesday through Sunday, 12:00pm – 6:00pm, until the prizes likely run out sometime in October. Learn more about the IRL Art Gallery here: https://dairyblock.com/events/irlgallery/2020-09-27/

The goal is to offer art for sale in a fun way, and thanks to underwriting from the Denver Theatre District nonprofit, we are able to subsidize in a way that allows us to keep the price-per-play low ($0.50), with a high win percentage compared to standard machines.

Learn more about the program via this great article from The Denver Post:

We hope to launch the full Artcade concept in 2021 and are open to collaborate with artists. If you have a spot and wish to host an Artcade machine, we will have more info next year, too.